Nutrition webinar

We are pleased to confirm details of the next PCCS Nutrition webinar:

Monday 20th September

1pm- 2.30pm

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Talk 1: Pathophysiology of gastrointestinal dysfunction in PICU   (20 mins)
Dr Frederic Valla, Lyon France (Ped Intensivist )

Talk 2: Bedside tools and diagnostic dilemmas in assessing GI dysfunction (20 mins)
Dr Lyvonne Tume, Manchester (Nurse scientist/a/prof)

Talk 3: Refeeding syndrome: underdiagnosed in PICU? (20 mins)
Dr Luise Marino, Southampton (Dietitian)

Q&A and Panel discussion

Event Information

}  September 20, 2021
  Monday, 13:00 to 14:30
n  PCCS-organised

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