Nutrition Sub Group

Our aim is to hold 2 meetings per annum providing a forum for; education, research updates and networking opportunities for collaboration. Our inaugural meeting will be held at the “Working Together” PCCS conference, London, 20-22nd November 2019 between 11.30am – 1.30pm on Friday 22nd November in the Churchill room at the QEII Centre. Our 2nd meeting will take the form of a symposium on the 5th March 2020 hosted by Southampton Children’s Hospital, entitled “Working Together – in 2020”

The draft terms of reference to be agreed at the first meeting, where we will also nominate Chair(s) and Secretary for the group.

For queries email

Luise Marino

Draft purpose 

The purpose of the Paediatric Critical Care Society: Nutrition Sub-Group would be to establish a forum of interested health care professionals from the multi-disciplinary team providing a network for members to aid communication, education, supporting evidence-based best practice across centres to reduce variation in practice and advance the nutrition research agenda in paediatric intensive care.

Draft objectives

  • To develop a 5 year strategic and annual operational plan for education, training and research plans.
  • To provide a forum for communication, education, resource development and idea generation from future quality improvement, audit and research projects.
  • To complete bench to bedside nutritional related research studies which aim to further our understanding of the metabolic variations during critical illness working towards personalising nutritional support.
  • To develop a quality assurance framework with regards to measuring anthropometry in critically ill children.
  • To reduce variation in nutrition practice by developing a suite of evidence-based consensus guidelines for local implementation.
  • To develop multi-professional work packages aimed at improving nutritional and metabolic outcomes including the development of relevant outcome measures.
  • To understand what nutritional training requirements are required in the future, in addition to the development of multi-professional nutritional competencies and extended scope of practice.
  • To provide peer group support through direct communication with other group members.
  • To provide national PCCS training days on nutrition in children who are critically ill.
  • To establish links with other European and International nutrition networks e.g. the French Speaking Nutrition Network

Links to documents

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