Nutrition Sub Group


Dr Lyvonne Tume (Reader (Associate Professor) in Child Health)

Dr Tume is currently appointed as a Reader (Associate Professor) of Child Health at the University of Salford. She holds honorary clinical contracts in PICU at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Manchester Children’s Hospital. She is the past nursing president of the European Society of Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care. She is the co-editor of Nursing in Critical Care and on the editorial board for Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

Dr Luise Marino (Clinical Academic Paediatric Dietitian)

Dr Marino works as a Clinical Academic Paediatric Dietitian at the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust providing working in PICU, NICU and paediatric cardiology services. Her research aims to characterise the nutritional journey of infants and children with acute and chronic disease, particularly those with congenital heart disease, and how the development of integrated pathways for nutritional rehabilitation could promote healthy growth and reduce parental stress.


Dr Graeme O’Connor

Paediatric Dietetic Lead – R&D and Paediatric and Cardiac Intensive Care, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children, London


Terms of reference

The aim of Paediatric Intensive Care Society: Nutrition Sub-Group is to establish a forum of interested health care professionals from the multi-disciplinary team providing a network for members to aid communication, education, supporting evidence-based best practice across centres to reduce variation in practice and advance the nutrition research agenda in paediatric intensive care.



  1. JLA Priority Setting for Nutrition Support of Critically Ill Children
  2. Guidelines for Nutrition Support of Infants & Children with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and others who are acutely unwell
  3. Nutrition Support of infants with RSV – presentation July 2021
  4. Nutrition Study ½ day – September 2021


Current projects


Meeting minutes

15th December 2021

Upcoming meetings/events

Meetings occur every 2 months via MST – please contact Graeme.O’ for meeting link

Useful links

British Dietetic Association:


  1. Nutrition Support during critical illness recommendations –
  2. Consideration for nutrition support of critically ill children with COVID-19/PIMS-TS –
  3. Gastric residual volume in UK PICUs: A survey of practice –

How to join

Become a member of PICS then contact Graeme.O’ to be added to the email circulation list.