Paediatric Critical Care Society Educators (PCCS-E)



Stacey Bedford

Stacey is the Nurse Lead for Critical Care in South Thames Paediatric Network. She has 19 years of experience in Childrens Critical Care and has spent a large part of that time in educational roles. She is passionate about ensuring that education and training in Children’s Critical Care is adequately invested in and its importance recognised. This will allow the members of this group to be as forward thinking, innovative and flexible to the service needs as possible to maintain a workforce that can provide high quality care for all. She has experience of Critical Care Course leadership, Competency framework creation and implementation and simulation programmes. She has been particularly proud of supporting newly qualified nurses over the years from supernumerary days to PICU course completion and beyond.


Matthew Norridge

Matt’s current role is Head of Clinical Education at the Evelina London. In this role, he oversees the strategic development and delivery of education across Evelina London services for Nurses, Midwives, Allied Healthcare Professionals (Therapists) and Healthcare Scientists. His role also includes Evelina London’s involvement in supporting the clinical staffs’ development needs throughout the South Thames Network. His professional background is in Paediatric Intensive Care (PICU) and Paediatric Cardiac Intensive Care. During his 20 years’ experience in PICU, Matt undertook varied roles, including Charge Nurse, South Thames Retrieval Service Co-ordinator and Educator. He worked as a Lecturer Practitioner, his time shared between the roles of Nurse Education Lead on PICU at the Evelina Children’s London Hospital and lecturer in Paediatric Critical Care and Paediatric Cardiac care at King’s College London from 2009-2020.

Matt’s big passions are seeing children and families cared for with excellence and equipping the multidisciplinary team to achieve this; as well as seeing people reach their full potential.


EQA Chair – Angela Ledsham (Southampton PICU)


Terms of reference


The purpose of the group is to safeguard standardised, quality assured education for all nurses working with critically ill children, from new registrants to experienced Registered Nurses. Education is validated and moderated to meet standards set out within the Standard Operating Procedure for Quality Assurance of Post Registration Specialist Education in Paediatric Critical Care Units (Heward et al 2017). This ensures that the provision of nursing education related to care for the critically ill child is at the highest level across all centres that provide courses and assures learners who access them that teaching and assessment is consistent and equitable.


  • To promote and cultivate the quality of critical care education, maintaining the recognition and quality of courses endorsed through the Paediatric Critical Care Society
  • To develop, in alignment with professional education organisations, clear guidance on the quality standards as set by the Standard Operating Procedure outlined above
  • To maintain the standards for provision of PCCS endorsed courses and actively respond when standards are not being met by providing ongoing peer review of assessments and teaching quality
  • Using collective knowledge and skills, develop agreements on the baseline core & specific education; summative assessments used and moderation of results
  • To promote a holistic physical, social and psychological approach to learning (Bannister et al 2015) in the classroom and clinical practice, through peer mentoring and review of courses at all points, from preparation for submission for endorsement onward
  • To communicate regularly using a variety of platforms: closed forums; social media; PCCS website; webinars or conference calls to develop a collegiate and collaborative approach to the quality assurance of critical care education
  • To endorse the use of shared documents whenever possible
  • To create and contribute to data collection which can be used as evidence to demonstrate our influence on nursing education related to the care of the critically ill child
  • To set fair and equitable fees for validation of courses, digital storage space and administration expenses



  • 4 meeting per year (inc Educator CPD)
  • 2 monthly PCC Nursing Webinars (colab L1&2)

Current projects

  • competency framework
  • non-registered clinical staff develop frameworks
  • National Response to critical surge
  • Education Peer Support
  • Quality Assurance of formal PCC course nationally

Meeting minutes

  • Available in the SIG Forum

Upcoming meetings/events

  • 4th July 2022

Useful links

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2021 revised standards for orientation

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