Research Surveys

Surveys of practice and practitioner views/opinions is an important part of research, especially during the planning and feasibility stages. Well conducted research surveys offer a great opportunity to advance knowledge and often stimulate further research. For a practical how-to guide of conducting surveys, please check out this review:

PCCS members are welcome to initiate and conduct research surveys of all PCCS-SG members or just PCCS-SG unit contacts through the PCCS-Study Group. Draft surveys should be sent to the PCCS-SG Chair ( for review. Surveys will be reviewed by the PCCS-SG Chair or Deputy and amendments may be suggested. PCCS-SG will then disseminate the survey link to the audience of interest.

Non-PCCS members or organisations wishing to disseminate a survey to PCCS-SG members are welcome to contact the Chair ( in the first instance. If supported, PCCS-SG will endorse the survey and disseminate to members.