Wellbeing Research

MSc Research Projects Summary

As part of a collaboration between Aston University and the Paediatric Critical Care Society, a set of four projects are being conducted to investigate the wellbeing of healthcare professionals working om Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs)  across the United Kingdom.

Project Leads: Rachael Morrison, Rachel Shaw

PCCS Study Advisory Group: Dr. Peter Donnelly, Dr. Barney Scholefield

Design: Each project is mixed method design using both qualitative and quantitative methods of data.


  • Study 1: Researcher: Yeter E.
    Title: The experiences of Compassion Fatigue, Burnout & Well-being among Healthcare Professionals in Paediatric Critical Care: a qualitative study of lived experience
    Sample: All nurses who have qualified in the last five years.
  • Study 2: Researcher: Bhamra H.
    Title: Staff experiences of well-being in Paediatric Intensive Care: a qualitative study of lived experience
    Sample:  nurse, medical doctor, psychologist or other healthcare professional working in PIC and/or Transport Services who have been qualified for at least 5 years; involved in or knowledgeable about the initiatives put in place to boost staff well-being.
  • Study 3: Researcher: Pountney J.
    Title: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on experience of job role & well-being in Paediatric Intensive Care: a qualitative study of lived experience
    Sample: Nurses working in Paediatric Intensive Care and/or Transport Services; fluent in English. Nurses will need to have been qualified for more than 2 years, were working clinically at least 50% of their contracted hours during the COVID-19 pandemic and especially during the first lockdown period (March-June 2020).
  • Study 4 : Researcher: Saeed S.
    Title: How do PICU staff perceive their behaviours to change in response to workplace burnout and compassion fatigue?
    Sample: Consultants who work in PICU or Paediatric Transport Services.


Recruitment: Through key contacts in the Wellbeing group of the PCCS group, and through adopting the ‘snowballing’ sample strategy. All studies will be advertised on all forms of social media to encourage participation from staff across the United Kingdom. Posters will be also be displayed through the key contacts in the Wellbeing group of the PCCS in their own PICUs.

Sample: Each study is recruiting a specific target population and within each study the aim is to have individuals from across the fifty paediatric intensive care units in the United Kingdom. This will include individuals working in Paediatric Transport Services in the United Kingdom.

Data analysis: Each project will be analysed qualitatively and quantitatively.

Dissemination: Each study’s findings will be written up for inclusion in each student’s thesis, as well as for publication in academic journals. Furthermore, the findings from each study will be presented at conferences where appropriate.