Cardiac Group

Dr Kate Brown has worked as a consultant in paediatric cardiac intensive care and ECMO at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2003 and is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department for the Children’s Institute of Cardiovascular Science University College London

Dr John Pappachan has been a consultant in cardiac and general PIC at Southampton Children’s Hospital since 2005 and is an Associate Professor in the Integrative Physiology and Critical Illness Group, Critical Care Research Area, Southampton NIHR Respiratory BRC

Additional named roles within the SIG

KB – ECMO group and Study Group

JP – Study Group

Terms of reference

Children with heart disease are a key subpopulation amongst critically ill children, and as such, they have specific health care problems, health care needs and require dedicated multi-disciplinary care in order to ensure they experience the best possible clinical, psychological and longer-term outcomes.

The aims of Paediatric Intensive Care Society: Cardiac Sub-Group are to enable a forum of interested health care professionals from the multi-disciplinary team and provide a network for members to aid interprofessional communication to promote best practice and high-quality research.

• To develop strategic and annual operational plans for education and training.
• To provide a forum for communication, education, resource development and hypothesis generation and the application for grant funding to facilitate quality improvement, audit and clinical trials, collaborating closely with PICCS SG.
• To explore and develop cardiac-specific quality assurance methods applicable to paediatric cardiac intensive care.
• To contribute to evidence-based guidelines and protocols applicable to paediatric cardiac intensive care patients.
• To provide peer group support through direct communication with other group members.
• To contribute cardiac content to national PICS training days.
• To establish links with other European and International cardiac care networks e.g. ESPNIC cardiac group and Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society.


James Lind Priority Setting Partnership for Congenital Heart Disease is running from 2021-2022 led by Mr Nigel Drury Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the PCCS representative is Dr Kate Brown

Current projects

High Dependency for Children with Heart Disease, the leads are Jane Cassidy Birmingham Childrens Hospital and Dr Anke Furck Royal Brompton Hospital.

Cardiac critical care educational links Dr Ajay Desai Royal Brompton Hospital.

Multi-centre or collaborative cardiac research studies linked to PCCS Cardiac Subgroup:

DESTINY trial comparing del Nido v St Thomas’ blood cardioplegia in children undergoing cardiac surgery- Chief Investigator; Mr Nigel Drury Clinician Scientist & Consultant in Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, University of Birmingham.

Children OMACp (Outcome Monitoring and Risk Stratification after Cardiac Procedure in Neonates, Infants, Children and Young Adults born with Congenital Heart Disease)- Chief Investigator; Massimo Caputo BHF Professor of Congenital Heart Surgery, University of Bristol.

CHAMPION Congenital Heart Audit: Measuring Progress In Outcomes Nationally; Chief Investigator, Professor Sonya Crowe, Clinical Operational Research Unit, University College London

CVD COVID IMPACT: British Heart Foundation COVID-19 Impact consortium; Chief Investigator, Professor Cathie Sudlow, Director of the BHF Data Science Centre

Meeting minutes

No current minutes available

Upcoming meetings/events

• Meetings will be held a minimum of twice a year (once the day before the annual congress)
• Meetings are currently free although the group may charge for meetings and events should this be required. The Group may charge differential rates for events or activities for both members and non-members.

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How to join

Please contact either Dr Kate Brown or Dr John Pappachan to comment or contribute to group activities, or contact the relevant listed parties directly.