Paediatric to Adult Transition Guidance

Paediatric critical care medicine has evolved and approximately 50% of admissions are children with life-limiting conditions, of whom a proportion will be extending into young adulthood. Several multi-professional and inter-professional services are involved, including those in the hospital and community. Many of these young people, families and carers have established trusting relationships with their specialist clinical teams. It is imperative to work effectively with the families as they have an expert understanding of, and often coordinate, the young person’s care.

This subset of patients, who frequently have complex medical, nursing, and psychosocial needs, may present acutely for the first time to an adult setting where minimal information is known about them. The aim of these standards and recommendations is to improve the experiences and care of those young persons who require this input as they enter the domain of adult critical care services

Guidance for Paediatric to Adult CC Transition

Appendix 1 Checklist – Paediatric to Adult CC Transition

Appendix 2 Pathway – Paediatric to Adult CC Transition